Solstice User Apps

Want to connect to a Solstice display? Download the free user app for your device below (or simply follow the connection instruction visible on the Solstice display).

For enterprises, centrally managed clients can be installed using our SCCM compatible download below.

Create Solstice Dongles for 3.x Clients

Solstice client software for Windows and Mac laptops can also be run from a USB dongle, with no installation and no dependencies or libraries required on the client laptop.

Management Tools

Solstice Pod Updates

Update your Pods’ software via the configuration panel or by using the Solstice Dashboard.

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Solstice for Windows

For Solstice Windows Software updates, log in to the Mersive Download Center.

mersive download center

Stay up to Date

Sign up for Solstice Pod & Windows Software email update notifications including release notes.

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Free Trial

Want to try Solstice?
Download a free 30-day software trial!

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Solstice Dashboard

The Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition enables centralized IT management of all Solstice Enterprise Edition endpoints on the network. Click below to learn more.

Download Solstice Dashboard

    Solstice Discovery Service

    The Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) is an IT-friendly mechanism for non-broadcast discovery of Solstice displays across an IT network. Click below to learn more.

    Download Solstice SDS

    Demo Solstice Dashboard

    Want to try the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition? Download the Solstice Dashboard Demo software to learn about the management and configuration capabilities.

    Demo Solstice Dashboard