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Mersive is excited to announce Solstice will be on display live at InfoComm 2017 in the Mersive booth #3071 in the middle of the UCC hall on the show floor. Come by our booth anytime for a Solstice demo, or you can schedule an individual/group demo time before the show.

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Want to win a Solstice Pod? Stop by our daily demos

Stop by Mersive booth #3071 daily at 11am and 3pm for a chance to win a Solstice Pod. Mersive founder and CTO will show firsthand how Solstice transforms meeting-room collaboration and will giveaway a Solstice Pod at each morning and afternoon session!

Planning ahead? Email us for a full schedule of Mersive events  planned for InfoComm 2017.

Come See Solstice Multi-Room in Action (and help us celebrate)

Mersive will host a Multi-Room Release Reception in our booth #3071 on Thursday, June 13 from 3-5pm where we’ll provide food, drinks, and Solstice Pod giveaways.

Can’t make the reception? Schedule a Solstice Multi-Room demo time instead!

Attend our Solstice Training at InfoComm to gain exclusive insight into Dashboard and Multi-Room

Join us in training room W311B (third floor) at 8:30am on Friday, June 16 (session MT64) for an on-site Solstice training featuring Mersive CTO Christopher Jaynes.

Dont forget to register! Click here to sign up.

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Solstice 3.0 with Multi-Room will be newly-released and live in action at InfoComm 2017, so stop by to see how the newest version of Solstice enables collaboration in ways that have never been possible before.

Solstice Multi-Room extends in-room, content-rich collaboration to multiple locations throughout the enterprise. Multi-Room gives you the ability to tie displays together across a network, allowing users the ability to start and join sessions anywhere there is a Pod. With this collaborative infrastructure in place, all Solstice features are available to all participants regardless of location. In addition, Multi-Room includes new features that focus on enhancing collaboration across multiple locations.

New features include:

  • Starting Sessions. Users connected to a Pod can click ‘start session’ within the client at any point while collaborating in-room to start a multi-room session. This means no disconnecting, deleting of shared content, or impacting the layout in-room in order to start a multi-room session – just a continuation of the same meeting in multiple places.
  • Multi-Room Discovery. Solstice directory service allows users to view and request to join all ongoing multi-room sessions using the Solstice client.
  • Invites. By clicking the ‘invite’ button within the client, a simple welcome message and unique URL for the session are securely generated. Users only need to email this information to the meeting distribution list, allowing them to join the ongoing session without having to remember/enter complex room codes.
  • Voice Registration Field. When starting a session users can enter voice dial-in info into the client. Solstice will parse and present this dial-in info to users joining, whether its a conference number and pin, video conference URL, or a cell phone number.
  • Solstice Chat. The Solstice chat window supports direct texting to other meeting groups when joined in a multi-room session. No need to pre-manage user groups.

Not going to InfoComm this year? No problem. Contact us to request a Solstice Multi-Room demo.

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