solstice multi-room

Introducing Solstice Multi-Room
a Force Multiplier for Enterprise Collaboration

Solstice Multi-Room enables meeting participants to share content collaboratively across multiple locations and geographies on the same enterprise network. When two or more Solstice Pods are synced in a Multi-Room session, shared content will appear on all Solstice displays in the session regardless of which room/location the content is shared from.

  • unlimited content sharing and control among meeting rooms
  • integrates with existing VTC and voice audio systems
  • no additional/special hardware required

Collaborating with Solstice boosts meeting productivity by reducing startup time, increasing engagement, and yielding better meeting results. Solstice Multi-Room acts as a force multiplier for these productivity gains by enabling users to connect and collaborate across multiple locations.

checkout the Multi-Room walk through 

Mersive CTO Christopher Jaynes demonstrates Solstice Multi-Room for room-to-room collaboration.

Existing Customers

Customers can access the new Multi-Room capability on their existing Enterprise Edition Pods by installing the Solstice 3.0 software update. Active software maintenance is required.

Solstice Multi-Room is scheduled for release in the late spring of 2017.

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Solstice Multi-Room is included with Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods at no additional charge.

  • Solstice Pod Unlimited Enterprise Edition  $1299
  • Solstice Pod SGE Enterprise Edition  $1099
    (up to 4 simultaneous users)

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