Solstice vs the Competition

Elizabeth Benz

Airmedia, Airtame, Clickshare, and wePresent are outmatched.

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How Solstice Works Better for You

Best-in-class features and robust AV/IT deployment and management options across many types of enterprise networks.

  • more control
    • specify if you want to organize your content in a 4 panel view or free-form
    • moderator mode allows you to choose who joins your session and what content is shared on-screen
    • personalize your software and brand your splash screen
  • superior performance
    • utilize the av control panel you already have in the room
    • no av panel, no problem – deploy solstice on the pc in the room
    • no pc in the room, but have a display? deploy using the solstice pod
  • no limitations
    • invite an unlimited number of colleagues to your meeting or discussion
    • there’s no limit to the amount of content you can share (images, video, web pages, applications)

feature benefits:  future proof software architecture, ios and android mirroring, centralized management for network security, ultra-low latency (-5 ms)

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