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Solstice Wireless Presentation System

Solstice Wireless Presentation System allows any number of users to connect to a shared display simultaneously utilizing a wide range of different laptops and mobile devices over an existing WiFi or Ethernet network.

With a Solstice-enabled wireless display in the room, any number of users can instantly connect, share and control the display, making use of time efficiently and fostering decision-making.

Present, collaborate, and moderate seamlessly

  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Content – Solstice allows any number of users to share unlimited media content (images, video, web content, app windows) from their laptop or mobile device to a display
  • Moderation and Access Control – Moderators can preview and accept or reject media submitted by guest users before the item posts to the display. Pending requests appear in an intuitive moderator queue that can be managed live
  • Customizable Display Layouts – Individual users can also move, scale, or delete content that is shared to the display from the Solstice app
  • iOS and Android Screen Mirroring – Anyone in the room can share their desktop/device screen from an android, apple, or windows laptop or mobile device
  • Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition – Centralized IT management and control for Solstice endpoints

How it works

Step 1:  Connect a Solstice host PC or a Solstice Pod to a display
Step 2:  Download the free Solstice app ( for laptops & mobile devices – Apple, Windows, & Android)
Step 3:  Share wirelessly from laptops and mobile devices to the display
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Two versions of Solstice for flexible deployment

solstice display softwarewireless presentation system by solstice

Solstice Software for Windows is a pure software solution, whereas The Solstice Pod is an integrated software-hardware console.

Solstice Software is typically deployed in rooms where there is an existing PC connected to a display in a room whereas the Solstice Pod can be deployed on its own, meaning all you need is a display with HDMI input.

Both versions of the Solstice Wireless Presentation System can leverage existing WiFi (or Ethernet) networks for wireless presentations and collaboration. In addition, the Solstice Pod can also be deployed as a standalone WiFi hot-spot. Learn more about the Solstice Pod.

Who’s it for?

Solstice is the perfect wireless presentation system for classrooms, study halls, conference rooms, huddle rooms, or any meeting space where you share content and ideas. 

With built in features such as moderation and access control, the ability to connect from nearly any type of operating system or device, as well as a version that allows an unlimited number of users to connect – there are a wide range of different use cases where Solstice can be deployed.

Solstice will help you meet your organizational needs while simultaneously meeting your network requirements through the built in enterprise-class security, admin, and management features.

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