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Solstice enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices over a WiFi or Ethernet network.

With a Solstice-enabled display in the room,  any number of users can instantly connect, share and control the display, fostering collaboration and decision-making.

Solstice is available as licensed software, or the Solstice Pod offers a turnkey solution for any meeting space with a display. Solstice is enterprise-ready, providing robust management capabilities and network deployment options.

Solstice Pod

the solstice pod

The Solstice Pod is a turnkey solution that combines enterprise-class wireless display software with high-performance hardware at an unbeatable price. Like Solstice Software, the Solstice Pod offers a continuous upgrade path for new features and functionality. The Pod also includes built-in wireless access point capability, supporting on- and off-network deployments.

features of the Solstice Pod

+ iOS mirroring support including iOS 11
+ synchronous desktop audio streaming
+ remote configuration via web browser
+ built-in WAP capability
+ one-click software updates
+ includes all security, moderation, and configuration features of Solstice software
+ small form-factor mounts behind flat panels, on projectors, or under tables
+ dual-network modes support guest and corporate/campus users


+ Solstice Pod: Unlimited $999 – SGE $799
+ Solstice Enterprise Edition: Unlimited $1299 – SGE $1099

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Solstice Software

Solstice Wireless Display for the Enterprise is the perfect BYOD collaboration solution for conference rooms, classrooms, and huddle spaces. The pure-software version of Solstice installs on a standard Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC and enables facilitating efficient wireless collaboration over existing WiFi/Ethernet networks for improved meeting room productivity and ROI.

Highlights of Solstice Software

+ any number of simultaneous users, sharing unlimited content
+ customizable display layouts
+ iOS mirroring support
+ support for multi-touch displays
+ support for any displays of any resolution
+ configurable sharing options, access control, and use modes


+ Solstice Windows Software: Unlimited $999 – SGE $799
+ Solstice Enterprise Edition: Unlimited $1299 – SGE $1099

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Solstice Software
Solstice Multi-room

Introducing Solstice Multi-Room

All the collaborative power of Solstice, now for multiple locations

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Solstice Enterprise



Solstice Enterprise

unlimited number of users on screen

unlimited number of posts on screen

users can control all content on screen

customizable layout of content on screen

moderator preview and control

on-the-fly user access control

both desktop and application window streaming

iOS mirroring

android mirroring

video file playback from local hard drive

future-proof software upgrade path

compatible with touch displays

local, one-to-one management*

centralized, one-to-many management dashboard*

Solstice Multi-Room

welcome screen customization/branding

client discovery tags

quality of service (QoS)

comprehensive 3rd-party integration API

emergency and display banner messaging

encryption of solstice network traffic

RSS feeds on solstice welcome screens



*Solstice Pods and Windows Software licenses offer multiple configuration and management options, including one-to-one management as well as centralized, one-to-many management via the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition. Click here for a full overview of management and configuration capabilities.

Enhances Existing Investments

+ Solstice Software runs on a standard Windows computer
+ Display agnostic – use Solstice with any flat panel, projector, or video wall
+ Runs on existing networks or deploy the Pod as a standalone Wireless Access Point
+ Integrate with existing in-room AV control systems like Crestron, Extron and AMX
+ Run Solstice software in parallel with WebEx, Lync, GoToMeeting, etc.
+ Incorporate external video sources such as VTC systems
+ Continuous software upgrade path for access to future features and functionality

enterprise class software product

Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition
+ Centralized IT administrator interface
+ Configure, manage and monitor displays throughout  the enterprise

Solstice Discovery Service (SDS)
+ Easily set up display discovery across the existing corporate network

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Solstice Software Maintenance

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Solstice Small Group Edition

All the features of Solstice for up to four simultaneous users.

Solstice SGE allows a maximum of four participants to share on the display at one time, providing a more affordable option for meeting settings where only a few people need to be connected at the same time.

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