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Solstice in the Classroom – Part 3 – Technology-Enabled Active Learning (TEAL)

Technology-Enabled Active Learning Classroom with Solstice

In this video, Mersive Founder & CTO Christopher Jaynes demonstrates how Solstice supports technology-enabled active learning (TEAL) through multi-source, wireless content sharing and utilizing the ‘stack’ feature to easily organize and curate the content.

In a normal TEAL environment, students broken up into teams share content with the other groups. The collection, organization, and curation of this content can take up useful class time. Students using Solstice-connected devices can post all their content to the display in an instant and organize it in “stacks”, and flip through the content in an ad-hoc manner.

In this video Chris, playing the role of the instructor, asks each team to create a stack so that all their shared content is neatly organized and easily shareable. This illustrates how Solstice can help instructors use class time more effectively and valuable discussion out of each learning session.

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