Solstice Software Maintenance

Solstice software maintenance provides access to new features and improvements via software updates after the initial purchase date. A current software maintenance plan is also required for technical support from our Solstice experts.

Solstice Pods or software licenses with expired software maintenance will need to renew in order to access the latest software updates. 

One year of maintenance is included with the original purchase of Solstice Pod or software license. Extended software maintenance is available at the point of purchase or after the first year for 20% of the original purchase price annually.

To learn more about maintenance, renew, or to find out if your Solstice software maintenance is current – please reach out to us.

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Don’t miss out on the newest Solstice features!

Room Scheduling via Calendar Integration

Room scheduling integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 to automatically maintain an updated room calendar. This also includes calendar support for any 3rd party calendar system via the Solstice OpenControl API.

Room scheduling supports the ability to use resource calendars for meeting rooms or other shared resources using Exchange/Office365.

Other features include:

  • Redesigned welcome screen featuring up to 6 different customizable background images
  • Easy to view ‘In-Use’ or ‘Available’ indicators in Solstice apps so that users can find open rooms for ad-hoc meetings.
  • A straightforward display of upcoming meetings during the day gives users a simple way to know when a room may be used/empty.
  • OpenControl API has several new REST calls including:
    • Custom RSS feeds and message tickers on the welcome screen
    • Emergency broadcast messaging
    • Checking for and initiating software updates

To learn more about recent features, check out the Solstice release notes.

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