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Solstice Wireless Display Training Video

Solstice Training Video

In this video, Mersive Founder and CTO Christopher Jaynes gives an overview of Solstice and its features, from the easy drag-and-drop user interface to different content sharing modes and security settings. Solstice is deployed on an existing network, using existing resources, and is available as a software download for Windows or loaded onto a small form factor Android appliance – the Solstice Pod.

With a Solstice-enabled wireless display in the room, any number of users can instantly connect, share and control the display, fostering wireless collaboration and decision-making. Solstice wireless presentation system supports iOS 9 mirroring via AirPlay. Solstice also supports wireless screen mirroring of Android, Windows, and Mac devices. Enhance the way you collaborate in your conference rooms, huddle rooms, wireless classrooms, study halls, or any other room where you share content and ideas.

This training video covers:

3 forms of content sharing:

  • Share desktop
  • Share application
  • Share media

Easy control over the drag-and-drop user interface:

  • Click and drag to arrange shared content
  • Cross control shared media
  • Other control including stacking content, moving content to the docking area, and zooming in and out

Different modes and security settings:

  • Open mode
  • Moderator mode
  • Screen key
  • Password control

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